EU Transport Ministers want Social Agenda in air transport to be addressed
2.5 years after the EU Commission’s ‘Aviation Strategy for Europe’ having been published, many of the proposed actions have been kick-started or are in full development.
The only chapter making little progress is the one on … the “Social Agenda” & “quality jobs” in aviation. It is the chapter that would supposedly make your pilot jobs in Europe fair, decent and sustainable.
This apparent lack of progress and concrete proposals – apart from the recent survey on atypical crew employment (which over 5.000 of you participated in) – did not go unnoticed with Europe’s Transport Ministers. Several of them raised concern and called upon EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc to act.
Below some excerpts from the EU Council of Ministers’ debate, last Thursday. To be noted is also: the EU Transport Commissioner’s brief response.
Luxembourg’s Transport Minister François Bausch called on the Commission to work for a “socially responsible connectivity”
“For us it is crucial to also deal with the social aspects of the aviation sector. It is important to create & maintain connectivity that would be advantageous to all – and that is also socially responsible. This is an essential requirement for us to create an entirely free market.”
Social regulations & European work and employment regulations have to be applied in full in order to guarantee the appropriate social protections for the people in this transport sector.
It is an essential condition if we seek to draw young people to the transport professions. It’s not only a question of creating jobs but creating good quality jobs.
Then of course there’s the issue of competition, which is not entirely fair. I would like to urge the Commission to address this issue and upcoming issues in the form of a Communication, for example. We could perhaps discuss such Communication at our next meeting, which would take place at the latest in December of this year.
Ole Birk Olesen says Denmark wants a higher degree of legal clarity from the EU Commission
“The regulation on safeguarding competition in aviation focuses on fair competition in an external perspective. However, we believe it is even more important to address the issue of fair competition within the European Union. In our view, European air carriers should compete on innovation, policy and price and not on the basis of rule-shopping and the exploitation of loopholes.
This would require a higher degree of legal clarity: Legal clarity for employees in terms of where they are based and entitled to social security; Legal clarity in terms of uniform and standardized rules and supervision of working environment. We look forward to a fruitful discussion on these issue in the future.”
Transport Minister Élisabeth Borne confirms France expects ambitious framework for social aspects
“I would like to support the proposals made by our Luxembourg and Danish colleagues. I can confirm that we also like to see ambitious social aspects to our strategy for aviation. There are certain practices that need a better framework, so it is also an important point for France.”